Last day in ICU

My mom left us at 8:35 pm this evening. I knew 2 days ago I was losing her.
When I arrived this morning I knew she was gone. It was just a matter of mechanics.
That sounds so cold. All day today I have apologized for my straight forward non-emotional tone.

Oh I have broke down a few times but pop right back into business mode. It is really strange. I guess it is a form of shock.

I am goin to miss her so much. “I always miss my mother at chistmas, but right now I need her to make me a cup of cocoa and tell me everything is going to be ok” – meg ryan
(Youve got Mail) I know that is a wierd quote for a time like this, but it is one of my favorite movies and everytime I hear her say that line I can feel her pain.

I always knew the day I lost my mom, would be one of the hardest, if not the hardest. I love her so so much. We were so close. Mother, Daughter, friend, confidant.

I am very blessed to have been chosen to be her daughter.

I did tell her thank you and how much she meant to me. I told her every time I could over the years and I told her these past 11 days.

There is no doubt that we both knew we were loved.

I love you mom