Today I did not go to the hospital.  I saw mom yesterday afternoon. Although yesterday was challenging – there was success. The nurse she had Friday and Saturday was very attentive and proactive. She took steps to calm my mother and get her vitals stable.  Because of this, she was able to stay off of the breathing machine for a few hours.  This nurse Mary watched her closely and said she did great.

Today apparently would be different. Not because my mom is any worse but because of different staff. It is hard when a new nurse comes in. Not only do they not know the patient’s history but they do not always take the time to read the chart.  Also, each nurse is a different personality. While some see their job as merely administering meds others that are called to this profession know that human spirit is the first line of defense to healing.

This, along with the lack of communication from Doctors to family and nursing staff, then add in some exhausted family members along with the most important piece – the weary patient, and the result is frustration and isolation, fear and more stress upon a sick person.

Not being there I can only assume that my mom felt alone.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new week, we welcome renewed health and a new horizon.