Fighting for life – Day 5 in ICU

We were warned.  We were told.  We heard the words. But we didn’t listen. Maybe we did, but we didn’t understand.  Yesterday was a promising day. “don’t get your hopes up” we were warned.  “It is common to have a good day and then a not so good day”

Ok. I see.  Now I get it.

Today was a hard day.  Very little movement, very little talking or communication came from my mom.  Oh, she was awake.  She was aware.  She was exhausted like never before.

Her oxygen was very scarce. The oxygen intake had to be increased to 50% from 40 given over the past 4 days.

She was tired. She slept a lot.  Dr. reminded us that it was a very bad infection in  her lungs.  Both sides, all lobes.  You can see from the look on his face he is concerned.

We are all concerned.  Her body is weak.

Keep fighting mom!  We can get you better, but it is taking some time.

I can’t imagine what she is thinking or feeling.  The mask is so uncomfortable.

Please God, give her grace.  Please let her heal.  We know even after the infection is gone and she can breathe on her own,

We will be patient.Screenshot_2015-07-04-22-52-50