Life – it’s worth fighting for

Happy St. Paddy’s Day   Day 4 in ICU

A day of firsts.   The oxygen mask came off and an oxygen nose cannula went on for hour and half.  Reminders to breathe through her nose “like you are smelling flowers”.  It was nice to see her face and her awareness.  She is ready to get the hell out of here.

She wants to get up. She knows what she wants.  Unfortunately, she cannot manage everything she wants …. just yet.

During her time with the cannula she was herself.  It is obvious the steroids are in full force.  Most likely the reason she is wanting to get up.

Dr. was very pleased with her ability to breathe on her own. He was also very cautious that she needed to take baby steps in completing her goal. His thoughts were that she would continue where she is (ICU) for a few more days, to ensure she gets the attention and care she needs.

Today was good.  Tomorrow will hopefully be even better.   Each passing day is another piece to the puzzle.

Hoping this puzzle can be completed soon.