Life – it’s worth fighting for

Day 3 in ICU.  The start of the day brings good news.  Oxygen was taken off mom to eat.  The warmth of chicken broth was a welcome drink. The rich and savory taste of pudding gave her the sense of comfort.  But soon her body was fighting again for oxygen.

She is exhausted.  It is like she has run 10 miles every minute.     Concern for her lack of nutrition brings a feeding tube. (NG Tube)

She is tired. She is tired of laying in bed, she is tired of this awful mask covering her face. She is tired of not being able to do for herself,  She is tired of hearing us talk about her.  I remind her we are looking out for her.   I ask her if she would like to be spoken to directly.  She nods yes.

The little progress is met with such exhaustion.

Tomorrow is another day.