We have become accepting of the news of a death IF it is from cancer.  Yes, it is true.  As horrible as it is, as devastating as it is to the victim, the family, the doctors, society we grieve the disease when the diagnosis is given and yes we do grieve the loss of our loved ones when they succumb to the disease.  But we accept it.  “yes, they died, you know they had cancer”. “He died, really?  was it cancer?  yes.  Oh I see”

We’ve have taken for granted that many things can go wrong in our body, oh I guess we are still accepting of heart attacks.  But kidney failure, liver failure, or a twisted colon colitis???  really  ?

How can this really happen?  Well, it can.  Just in recent months I watched a friend suffer in agony and almost die before the doctors figured out what it was. After three surgeries she is finally back on the road to recovery.

Then the latest news of musician and founding member of the Eagles. Glen Frey was taken way too early.  It is sad for all who lose loved ones.  I just don’t think we can grasp death when we didn’t see it coming.

I’m not really sure I want to.