Source: a picture says a thousand words

Nature, beautiful days, sunrises, all touch our senses and emotions. There is nothing that stirs my spirit like the beauty of the ocean. As it rolls in, waves racing each other, with it’s slapping against the beach.  There is a rhythm that soothes you back and forth. A tranquil feeling that overcomes you like a wave  itself.  For me just looking at a picture like this brings peace and slows my thoughts.

Another force is that of the moon.  Maybe it is because you can actually look at it endlessly and painlessly.  As you gaze into the moon, you cannot help but wonder what is happening up there.  We know that man has orbited the moon and walked on the moon.  To be able to look back down and actually see the earth as we see it in photos is beyond my imagination.

I always feel safe when I see the moon. As if someone is watching over me.