I find this post that is sitting as a draft waiting to be published. I know I started it at least 3 times, and for whatever reason didn’t finish.  It’s time for it to find its place in my blog.


It is already the middle of January, actually it is about to turn the corner and start the downhill slide to the end of January 2016.

I keep thinking about what a wonderful holiday we had.  It was busy, so many variables, saying goodbye to friends as they leave on their journey to another life and hello to family coming to visit.

Christmas, Hannukkah, New Years and throw a Birthday in there on Dec 26th and it is the perfect recipe for stress, guilt, resentment and emotions.

But this year would be different.  Why, I’m not sure.  Just two months before I was overwhelmed, stressed worried.  As the days ticked off the calendar, I got myself organized, planned out our activites and set out to enjoy the season!

Natalie and I would make our rounds to our favorites, Mozart’s Light Show, Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, fun driving around looking at lights.  Of course, the many trips to buy the perfect gifts for our loved ones.

The best part of my Christmas is this would be the year my mom and step-dad would spend the holidays with us.  We have started a tradition and they come every other year.  This will be their 3rd time.  It is a treasured time.  They get to relax (which they never do) and I get to be a kid again, having my mom here and also a gracious hostess providing for them in my home.  These days I never take for granted.  I have said this many times.  As I go back and read this knowing where we are here in March, it is so special and heartbreaking.

Setting out to enjoy the season, with traditions in place and the magic we add to the season –

Enjoy is what I did.  I think others did as well