The week of August 1st through the 8, 2015 will be a week that I will remember so fondly.

This past week, my sweet Natalie passed her drivers test.  While this seems like a normal achievement for a teen, her experience was different.  While very frustrating through the whole process, it is only now once we are on the other side that we can truly appreciate the lesson.  It took her 3 tries.  The first time she failed parallel parking not because she didn’t park correctly, but because she forgot what gear she was in and floor the car running over the pole.  The second attempt she aced the parking and was told by the officer as well as noted on test that she was speeding and ran all stop signs in residential area.  What?  This was ridiculous.  According to the way he noted the test she would have been cited if not arrested.  Frustrated and confused she went for the third attempt.  This would be the last chance for six months.  Not only did she do a great job she had a great experience with a nice patrol man.  The  officer pointed out things that she especially did well.  Gave her some pointers in other areas and answered questions that the others refused.  I think more than getting her license she received the gift of patience, perserverance and tolerance.

With this new independence it was time to allow her to drive alone.  I would have guessed that this would have been a hard decision for me.  I am so blessed and grateful for the peace and confidence that I have with letting her go.  I know that she is mature and responsible and most of all has a respect for the safety and danger of driving.

Interestingly I have seen another level of  independence and maturity.  Making the decision not to go “shopping” as not to be tempted.  Asking for guidance on a situation that she knows the answer but allowing another opinion to help her trust her own instinct not to be swayed.

I am so grateful for my daughter.  I have lived loved and even grieved her life.  Celebrating each day, year and milestone.  Always stating oh I cant believe she is growing up so fast, my baby!   Recently I am wearing a new coat of life with her.  I know that it is time for her to continue on.  Not that she is leaving, she is a senior in high school and will most likely be here at home another 2 years.  Until going off to college.

I am at peace.  I am alive.  Natalie’s life moving on.