Have been sailing along just fine for past few months.  Feeling like I’m in control of what ever comes my way. Have been writing more, actually pitched an idea to a local boutique and entered a contest.

I would have never dreamed what would be waiting around the corner.

I have been spending quality time with friends and family.  Supporting a friend during the loss of her beloved pet.  Celebrating many birthdays that all appear this time of year.  Anticipating one of the biggest days in my life, as my precious daughter turns 18!  Not only is she reaching a milestone, so am I as a parent, a woman, a person still chasing her dreams.

I took some time off for myself to go and have a little fun. Joining a lifetime friend and her friends for a weekend of music, laughter and fun.

And bam!  A wall jumps out in front of me.  Oh don’t worry it was nothing physical.  I am fine …. physically.

A moment in time, an action with no end in sight has possible caused, no actually it has caused a rift in a friendship so dear to me that it takes my breath away to think I have tarnished it.  I will never be the same.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing I can do.  I can wait.  I can pray.  I can hope that this friend will somehow forgive me.   What I did was not the end of the world, but it was wrong. Very wrong.  A bad judgment call to say the least.

If she does forgive me I will be forever grateful, yet I know that she will always doubt my word, my actions and friendship.

I can only wait.