You hear it over and over “parenting is hard” And it is.  It is also rewarding. Even those days when you are being the “mean mom” you know you are being a good if not great parent    The more I think about it, no actually the more I experience being a parent may just be what classifies a great parent.

From the time your babies are born pretty much through all of their years you can just about fix anything. You can make it better. You can rescue and protect your child. You can call the bully out by calling a parent or you can stop inviting the little brat to birthday parties. You can remind them to be nice and to share.

Then suddenly your child is an older child, an adolescent, a young adult,  With their ever changing world they still need you to make it better.  Only all of your ideas, tricks and tools you used when they were one, three, eight and even 14 years old no longer apply.

Sometimes they don’t even know that they need you to make it better.

The rules have changed. The roles are starting to change. It use to be that you were the one to let them go a little to venture out and then call them back. Now as they venture out on their own. Taking on new experiences.  They are now the one asking to come back. It’s different though. It’s not as if they actually ask, it’s through their emotions, their body language, their tears.

You see, this is when you can do nothing, absolutely nothing, but listen.  Just listen.

These moments of needing you to make it better are by ways of letting them talk. Letting them feel these same emotions they had when they were one, three, eight and 14.

That moment when they come to sit next to you or even lean over on you. That is when you know you have made it better.

That is when you realize that you are a great parent.